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About Article Rewriter

The internet offers a million money-making opportunities. No doubt. However, everyone who seeks to jump into this ocean of opportunities must be ready for serious competition. The big question in the minds of millions trying to market their products and services on the internet is how do I compete favorably in this dynamic World Wide Web? It’s no rocket science! Simply rank your websites on top search engines. Google particularly. To get your heads above the waters in the internet space, you need contents. More contents!

Get More Content: Save Time

However, considering time constraints, you may not be able to churn out enough contents needed to keep your website/blog up-to-date in the eyes of these search engines. So, although writing your contents by hand is a good way to update your website, using an article rewriter tool is your fastest solution.

Are you probably caught up in daily routines and hardly have time to write your website contents manually? Are you too lazy to write up contents to sustain your online presence? A million successful website/blog owners out there are in the same shoes. But you may want to ask how then did they become successful? The secret: Most of them use article rewriters to rewrite already existing articles and make them unique. Yes, 100 percent plagiarism-free. So if your website or blog is content-starved because you lack time to give it the desired content, you just found a solution.

Internet users usually search for goods and services online via Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. These search platforms have algorithms for ranking web pages in their search results. And one important parameter that determines your ranking is regular updates of quality contents on your website or blog.  The more quality contents, the higher your chances of getting ranked and attracting more traffic. More visitors.

Using a rewriting tool to get your writings job done offers you the most cost-effective and time-saving option for providing regular contents on your website.

How do I Use the Article Rewriter Tool?

Using our free article rewriter tool is easy and fast.

It is assumed you have a copied or an old article you wish to rewrite. So;

Step 1: Enter your text in the rewrite article box

You can either;

•    Copy and Paste your text in the box,

•     Or Upload a Document from your PC storage Or;

•     Select a file from your Cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

Step 2: Click on "rewrite article"

…And there comes your rewritten article!

Rewrite Everything. Anything

Besides building content for your blog/website, you could also use article rewriter for essay writing and any form of creative writing, twitter, Craigslist, and newsfeed posts. Freelancers could also take advantage of this free article rewriting tool to offer article writing services. Interestingly, the article rewriter tool can also help paraphrase just a paragraph, sentence, or even a single phrase.

Get New Value From Old Contents

Do you have too many blogs posts already, you can use this free article rewrite tool to rewrite those old contents and make them look new in the eyes of search engines.